Notice of Hearing; Regular Council Meeting Date Change

Due to the holiday, The Town Council will hold the September Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom Webinar – Livestream on Facebook. At this meeting, the Council will hold a Public Hearing regarding the following matters:

  1. a) Rezoning from R-20 to R-8 parcel 213458 for the purpose of residential cluster development. This is a continuation of Arbordale Subdivision (Phase 5).
  2. b) Road name change from Legion Drive, located off East Chestnut Street, to Pleasant Lane.
  3. c) Subdivision of the parcel 167690, at 508 Mauney Road into two parcels for use by the Church (Community Pentecostal Center) and the charter school (Community Public Charter School).

Written comments may be submitted at any time between the notice of the public hearing and 24 hours after the public hearing to, providing name, physical address, and phone number.  Limit your submission to a document that takes less than three minutes to read.

You can live stream the meeting by going to our Facebook page via this link

The meeting will be live streamed via our timeline.

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