Announcement Regarding Online Payments

We have had some questions regarding our new payment system and want to offer some helpful tips.

If you previously paid your water bill through our website, it may be necessary to clear your browsing history, cookies and cache. There are different steps to do this, based on your browser. If you do not know how, it may be helpful to google “How to clear browsing data on ____ (chrome, internet explorer, safari, etc.).

This month we will process payments that are accidentally submitted through the old format but will not be able to do so next month. Therefore, it is imperative that you clear your history and set up a profile on the new platform, which can be found by clicking here.

If you have bookmarked the old payment platform, please delete this bookmark and create a new one for .

If you are creating your new account, please have your water bill handy. The information you will need to create your account is listed on your bill, including: account number, name and address as listed on the account. Please note that if you have a unit or apartment number, this may have been entered into the system in a variation of ways. For example 123-A, 123 A, etc. Please copy your address from your bill exactly and you will not experience issues setting up your account. Please do the same with the name on the account.

As a reminder, bills are always due on the 15th of each month at 5 pm at which time a 10% penalty will be assessed. If bills are not paid by the 25th at 5 pm, a $50 fee is assessed and cutoff will occur the next business day. The Town does not issue notification phone calls, but you can now manage your bill, including track your payments and balance, in our new online system.

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